Main Characters of "Never Cry Wolf"

Marley Fowat:This is the main character and narrator. Mowat is a biologist who works for the Dominion Wildlife Service in Canada. He receives an assignment in which he is to travel to the arctic to study the habits of wolves. Initially very wary of the mythical killers, Mowat learns to appreciate and eventually respect the wolves. Unraveling all the secrets between the relationship between the wolves and the caribou.

Mike: He is a friend and room mate to Farley.

Ootek: Cousin of Mike, he is part of a tribe and believes in old fashion ways. Befriends Farley.

The Government: They send Marley on the mission to see the relationship between the Caribou and the wolves. They initially believed the wolves were the cause of the caribou population decreasing.

Main Characters

  • Farley Mowat- He is the one tasked with finding out why the caribou herds are declining and to kill, study, and figure out if the wolves are the cause.
  • Mike- He is an Eskimo who firsts meets Farley and is scared to death of what he does. He also gives Farley his cabin to use as a base.
  • Ootek- He is also an Eskimo who is mike’s cousin.
  • George- He is the leader of the wolf pack.
  • Angeline-George’s mate.
  • Uncle Albert-He is a lone male who stays with the two to watch and take care of the pups, and he helps George on the hunts.